About us

At DWG, we specialize in the design of institutional, residential, recreational buildings, and health care facilities as well as designing for production and manufacturing units. We also aim to explore opportunities for master planning projects whereby we can create a harmonious balance between living spaces and the surrounding environment.

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Design approach

With our years of experience and even during the pandemic situation, we realised that climatic considerations are an essential part of designing a space in order to achieve comfort for its occupants. Maintaining harmony with nature, and understanding the potential of materials helps in reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of a building. Hence, we try our best to balance the use of technological advancements and sustainable approach with every project. Apart from these, compositional and spatial clarity helps us bring in visual impacts to our designs. It is a challenge for us “to read between the lines”, since we believe it is our responsibility as architects to understand the overall needs of each client and thereafter, respond in a holistic way.

Climate responsive

Integration of nature and space

respond to client's need